Žlutý pes

(Žlutý pes)

KC Strelnice (Cultural Centre Strelnice)

Žádné představení není v programu.


to the end of April 140,-

from May 190,-

Ondřej Hejma`s famous and popular rock`n`roll band Žlutý pes is coming to Turnov on May.

Žlutý pes is a fresh Czech rock band, playing since 1978. The idea to start a band representing blues bigbeat or southern rock came to Ondřej Hejma, a translator (English and Chinese) and an editor in 1978 while wandering around the USA. The band has changed it`s name twice, first to Tomahawk, then to Hudebně zábavná skupina Ondřeje Hejmy. It has obtained several awards, the greatest hits include Sametová, Modrá je dobrá or Náruživá.

Purchased tickets can not be refunded nor exchanged. Ordered tickets are available to fetch at the box office no later than 15 minutes before the performance starts. Thank you for your understanding.

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