Zabeat! + Bigbítek

(Zabeat! + Bigbítek)


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The Zabeat! band has gone through a difficult development, but it has been producing its own music based on folk rock for quite some time.

Zabeat! has its predecessors in Bigbítek and Potomci. In 2001, Jaroslav Špina came to a a Bigbítek practice, where he had been playing guitar and singing, and said, that the band could perform on Rovenské zvony Show. The members` enthusiasm was quicky cooled down by informing them that their own songs would be necessary. For several months the band was trying to bring their own repertoir, that counted up to unbelievable four pieces in the end. That is how the name Potomci came, separating their own production from the band`s dancing music parties.

The production had come to a crisis, because new songs were coming only once a year, just for Rovenské zvony. A new energy for playing was brought by drummer Vítej Jíra and new guitarist Vojta Noha. Over time, the band began performing at more rock-friendly stages, changed it`s name to  Zabeat! and is currently working hard on improving their somewhat outdated repertoir.
Current members of the bandf are Jarda Dvořák – bass, Jarda Špína – guitar, singing, Petr Šindler – drumms, Katha Matisová – vocals, Jarda Pácal – Saxophone, Láďa Vokřínek – vionin, and a guest star Filip Valkoun – guitar.

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