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The band Vltava is considered one of the most original bands of the Czech musical scene. Their surreal texts are famous for their unorthodox poetry and multilevelness. They also became famous with their musical style, perfectly connected with the characteristic voice of the singer, guitarist, poet and actor Robert Nebřenský, who is also the founding member and the autor of most of their songs.

Vltava performed since 1986 till 2003 and restarted their activity in 2010 consisting of Robert Nebřenský, František Svačina and newly Tomáš Uhlík, Ondřej Pomajsl and Ondřej Klímek.

The band's concerts are famouw for their relaxed atmosphere, space for improvisation and great instrumetal performances. With the recent return of brass instruments, the Vltava can offer it's legendary sound and introduce the current songs from the newest album "Osamělý jezdec", but the iconical hits  „Prasátko“, „Bezvadnej chlap“ or „Marx Engels Beatles“ will also be present.

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