Střelnice Rock´s

(Střelnice Rock´s)

KC Strelnice (Cultural Centre Strelnice)

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in advance 70,-

on spot 120,-

The fun and dropped jaws will be taken care of by Silent Session, Snap Call and Nothingham. The evening will be all about bigbeat, rock`n`roll, blues and gothic prog-metal. Good fun and good drinks guaranteed!

Silent Session
A young Turnov band presents itself consisting of Jan Hlůže (vocals), Jan Mykiska (guitar), Leoš Gerlich (bass guitar) and Jiří Jandura (drums). The „Turnovští Sokoli“ will once again play at their home scene after a long time. There are speculations that Silent Session is about to work on their third studio album. They have enough material, and the quality of their new songs are with no doubt, as you can see for yourselves!

Snap Call
Turnov`s children to the bone claim that good old blues is their grandfather and rock`n`roll, punk and hardrock are their fathers. Yet, they stand firmly on their feet, so expect no sentiment! You will hear them consisting of David Hlůže (bass guitar, vocals), Vojtěch Kořínek (guitar), Lukáš Václavík (guitar) and Vítek Jíra (drums). The boys have recorded a new DEMO they want to use to stir the music scene waters.

Nothingham is one of the true Turnov`s metal scene evergreens. Today, slightly altered and modified, they still tour as much as possible. Nothingam currently consists of Pavel Mlejnek (bass guitar, vocals), Petr Tesař (drums), František Jaroš (piano, vocals), Jan Špeta (guitar) and Honza Bouzek (guitar). We were told thet they ar working hard on new compositions, and that they are ready to present them at this very event!

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