Písničkářky Napříč aneb Muzikantky - Dámy – Ženy

KC Strelnice (Cultural Centre Strelnice)

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in advance 100,-

on spot 140,-

This is the fourth annual meeting of three musicians across genres. This year on the March 8th and also across generations. Musicians - Ladies - Women.

The first one is a young songwriter, singer, multiinstrumentalist Anna Drábková from Jablonec, singing with the pseudonym of Anna D. She started singing with her brother in the band Kapitola 22.

The second singer is AGU, a musician from Poland, living in Prague. Her music is soft and calm. The atmosphere of her song can be described as dreamy.

The last singer is a legend, Dagmar Andrtová - Voňková, a singer, guitar player, songwriter. She has been performing since 1971, later as a member of Šafrán.

Purchased tickets can not be refunded nor exchanged. Ordered tickets are available to fetch at the box office no later than 15 minutes before the performance starts. Thank you for your understanding.

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