PINK FLOYD - Dark Side Of The Moon


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A famous album covering the issues of the current world.


The Dark Side of the Moon is the eighth album by British Pink Floyd, released in March 1973. It is the commercially most successful one with over 50 million copies sold worldwide. That makes it the world’s second best sold album ever. On the USA Billboard 200 it held it’s position for 741 weeks (that is over 14 years; however it was on the fist spot for only a week), which makes it a record never to be broken. It never got on top on British Top chart, the best position was fifth.

The Dark Side of the Moon is a nihilist and pesimistic conception album focusing on the problems of the current world such as money, greed, wars, but also loneliness, human fears and the unstoppable time flow. the conception and all the lyrics were made by the bass player Roger Waters, the musical part was covered by all the band members.

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