Michal Horáček and his guests

(Michal Horáček & hosté)

KC Strelnice (Cultural Centre Strelnice)

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Concert recital of „Na cestě“.

Songwriter and producer Michal Horáček going on tour „Na cestě“ and one of the stops leads him to Turnov. At his autumn recital he summarizes the 32 years of his music work and the concert will remind us mostly of his cooperation with Petr Hapka.

Michal Horáček’s songs will be interpreted by his guests including František Segrado, Lenka Nová, Ondřej Ruml, Naďa Válová and others. The concert recital „Na cestě“ will be accompanied by a band led by Petr Malásek.

Michal Horáček is a songwriter best known for his cooperation with Petr Hapka, their projects got to be on the first positions in music charts. He has also worked with multiple other musicians including Richard Müller, Jana Kirschner, Daniel Landa, Hana Hegerová, Natálie Korábová and others. Michal Horáček i salso a successful journalist and writer.

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