Kaleidoskop Jana Rejžka

Cafe KUS

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free event

A club show is a continuation of the programs Jan Rejžek has been preparing all over the republic in the Communist era.

In the first half we can look forward to some demos from the Czech scene that can hardly been heard on the radio, such as Zrní, DVA, Květy, Jananas and others. Then the memory of anniversary ov the week, a current memory of recently deceased persona of the world of music, or on the other hand a celebration of some important music person’s birthday. Another part of the composed show is a „castle of horrors“, a reminder of the most scary songs of the normalization pop-music. A reminder of interesting book titles will come as well, and a historical calendar reminding interesting music events from the past.

During the break, the audience can write down notes, questions of all kinds that will be answered by Jan Rejžek. The second part will also be filled by the most interesting foreign albums of the latest period, and the most various genres and styles. We will have chance to hear African music, Irish and American folk, Cuban music and many others.

This event is hosted by Městská knihovna Antonína Marka Turnov and Kulturní centrum Turnov.

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