Inflagranti and Josef Vojtek

(Inflagranti a Josef Vojtek)

KC Strelnice (Cultural Centre Strelnice)

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A concert of a string trio with the band and a special guest star Josef Vojtek.

Electric string trio Inflagranti and band are coming to Turnov this Autumn. As a special guest star Josef Vojtek of Kabát performs with them.

Inflagranti consist of three beautiful and fragile musicians who took a real rocker with them on tour. They play crossover of interesting hit songs of classics, rock and pop in original, modern adaptations for the electric loops.

"Our electric string trio was founded in 2004 in order to play songs in the way we love and enjoy to play," say the Inflagranti members. The trio crosses the border between genres and plays many famous hits in a fantastic and specific version. Connected with the specific rough voice of Josef Vojtek, the audience can look forward to an unique music experience. "We want not only to entertain the audience, but ourselves as well, and that is what is happening with Josef. He is fun and full of energy all the time," said Markéta Muzikářová, the violoncelist.

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