Galavečer Poetika

(Galavečer Poetika)


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in advance 80,-

on spot 120,-

Annual ceremony of announcing the winners of a poetry contest Poetika will host two interesting stars - J. H. Krchovský and Katarzia.

J. H. Krchovský is one of the most famous composers coming from Prague underground of the 80s. He is also one of the most distinctive Czech writers of the present. On the gala Poetika he will start by reading his own works, followed by his Krch-Off_Band.

A distictive poet, songwriter and singer Katarzia is often compared to rappers with guitars or to pung singers. Katarzia is different, as if her songs still contained childhood when she started with her first poems.

Purchased tickets can not be refunded nor exchanged. Ordered tickets are available to fetch at the box office no later than 15 minutes before the performance starts. Thank you for your understanding.

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