Gadrew Way

Church of St. Francis of Assisi

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in advance 60,-

on spot 80,-

The third Advent Concert

The strings quartet Gardrew Way was founded in 2010. This band was founded by Gabriela Vermelho, one of the most interesting personas of our musical and theatrical scene. Her skills to manage classical, jazz, folk and world music in the instrumental and vocal way were shown in 2005 when she was awarded as the Talent of the year for her performance as the witch Eva in the Balada pro banditu Musical.

The other members are Adriana Voráčková, a member of Czech National Symphonic Orchestra, Helena Vovsovska cooperating with multiple Orchestras around the Europe and Ludmila Budínská, a member of State opera house in Prague.

The quartet will bring songs by Maurice Ravel, Astor Piazzollo, Mac Manus or Jeremy Cohen.

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