Funkin´ Turnov 12

KC Strelnice (Cultural Centre Strelnice)

Žádné představení není v programu.

Just like in the last years you can look forward to a load of funk, soul and groove.

This year by the following bands:

The band is focusing on it’s own music somewhere between pop and soul. Sometimes, to cheer up the audience, they also play some one else’s music.
Tereza Rejzlová – guitar, vocals * Eusebio Llupi - drums, Ondrěj Kuchař – piano * Jan Patka – bass

According to SIMPLE MUFFIN anyone can play for students, pubs, chefs and gardeners. Therefore their band is focusing on playing for office people. They deserve it.
Martin Kysl – vocals * Jan Vítkovský – guitar, vocals * Vít Zima – bass, vocals * Ondřej Veselý – drums * Karel Mareš – piano * Cyril Hirsch – percussions, vocals

The High Corporation (USA / SK / CZ)
The credo of this band is development and their possibilities are endless. If you connect these possibilities with those of the audience, anything can happen.
Ashley Sarah Abrman – vocals & rap * Michael Lužný – guitar * Lukáš Mutňanský – bass * Petr Hanák – drums

Funk Corporation
A local band has been long famous, playing in Prague clubs and other places in the country. They always love to come back to Turnov and they have prepared some new things in their repertoir for this year as well.

TOP DREAM COMPANY is a band of ten from Prague with several joint words – funk, soul, disco & groove. They are not afraid of other genres as well, starting at latino music and ending at reggae.

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