Expedition Camera

(Expediční kamera)

Kino Sfera (Sphere cinema)

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Main programme:

A Fine Line - Summits of my life
A Fine Line takes us on a breathtaking journey over the spectacular snow covered peaks of the Alps as we join a small group of extraordinary mountain athletes in their pursuit of happiness and fulfillment.
Spain, 2012, 52 min., dir.: Sébastien Montaz-Rosset

And then we swam
And Then We Swam is the true story of two friends who set out to cross the Indian Ocean in a secondhand boat, having never rowed before in their lives. Nobody thought they’d make it. 116 gruelling days later, off the coast of Mauritius and just five miles from the finish line, things started to go horribly wrong. This is the story of two unlikely adventurers who crossed an ocean to prove everyone wrong – but very nearly proved everyone right.
GB, 2013, 37 min., dir.: Ben Finney

Alegria is the story of a unique humanitarian adventure - 3200km across the Himalaya, mastering 50000 meters altitude all part of this mans quest to change the world. Christoph von Toggenburg combined adventure and humanitarian help by supporting leprosy patients and mentally ill women with his solo expedition. Facing temperatures ranging from minus 15C to plus 45C he crossed mountain passes of more than 5500m. He found new friends, wonderful hospitality, saw some of the most striking landscapes in the world and spent weeks supporting leprosy patients and mentally destitute women in India. He managed to get across Nepal during the Maoist unrests, fell altitude sick and was hit by rock fall. Alegria managed to help hundreds in need and touched millions around the world.
SWI, 2013, 28 min., dir.: Christoph von Toggenburg

A team of the best Czech and world slackliners arrive to Island, where they attend to to achieve something no one has ever done. Fyrst means „first“ in Islandish. First in the  Fjadrágljúfur canyon, on the Vatnajökull iceberg and mountain climbing area Hnappavellir. Jan Šimánek films and screens the mountain climbers and highliners.
Czech rep., 2014, 24 min., dir.: Jan Šimánek

Bonus films:

A story of an astronomist and technician Horace Dall brings you to times, when cars had no wide tires, suspensions and carbon bodies. In a suit and tie, equipped with an island map sized as a handkerchief and a starmap as a guide, he has crossed an entire desert on Island.
SWI, 2013, 15 min., dir.: Sebastian Doerk

Into the Light
What goes up, has to go down at some point. In this movie, this goes vice versa. Chris Sharma and Stefan Glowatz have climbed down by 180 metres into the Oman cave Mailis al Jinn. Getting down was just the beginning – there were thirteen routes 7c+ to 8b+ awaiting them to get back up. An unique experience to get back to the surface of Earth. That is the movie Into the lLght.
GER, 24 min., dir.: Jochen Schmoll

Nobody’s river
The journey planned is rarely the journey taken. The Nobody’s River expedition team had no idea how true this would be as they prepared to leave for a two month expedition in Mongolia and Russia. This film documents their journey along one of the few remaining free-flowing rivers of the world and through the complexities of love and loss. From their hilarious antics to deeply human struggles, these ladies shine a light on the soul of internal and external exploration. This inspiring story was crafted by award-winning freelance director and cinematographer Skip Armstrong.
USA, 2014, 31 min., dir.: Skip Armstrong

500 Miles to Nowhere
An elite group of paragliding pilots attempt an unsupported vol-bivvy from Hurricane Ridge to Jackson Hole, Wyoming; a line that has never been flown. It's the ultimate alpine adventure. A minimalist, 'alpine' approach to travel in the mountains at 18,000 feet. Never before has unpowered human flight been captured in such highly produced, high definition splendor. The Audience is drawn into the freedom, risks, and beauty of flight in some of the most remote terrain in North America.
USA, 2013, 7 min., dir.: Gavin McClurg

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