Eben Brothers

(Bratři Ebenové)

KC Strelnice (Cultural Centre Strelnice)

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Eben Brothers bring their concert based on their new album Čas holin.

"Bratři Ebenové" have celebrated 30 years since their first album Malé písně do tmy in 2014. To celebrate they have recorded a new album Čas holin, which they will introduce in Turnov as a part of their tour. The new album is the band`s fifth, consisting of 13 songs written by Marek Eben with one exception of Vítězslav Nezval`s poem Sbohem a šáteček. The concert will be mostly based on the new repertoár, but we can expect the most important songs of the past decades as well. The 30th anniversary was also an impuls to bring several early folk songs back to life.

Apart from the three Eben brothers – Marek, Kryštof and David – there are several other members that also play in ETC Vladimíra Mišíka Band: Jiří Veselý (bass, akordeon), Jiří Zelenka (drums, perkuse) and Pavel Skála (acoustic and electric guitars). The band is strongly connected with the excellent jazz contrabass of Jaromír Honzák.

In the beginnings however, there used to be just the brothers, unique in their style. Sons of a famous composer Petr Eben (1929 – 2007) have been educated in classical musical way, but they have also been influenced by the modern folk, jazz and rock music. Their ability to use all these sources and untraditional musical instruments, an absolutely unique „Eben style“ came to life. In connection with Marek Eben`s specific lyrics, the trio has been a revelation for the Czech folk scene.

The band does not rush with releasing new albums, which makes it even more worth it. It took 11 years to bring the second one in cooperation with Karel Plíhal – Tichá domácnost (1995). The musicians who came on board for this one have stayed untill this day.

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