Dechová hudba Český ráj Všeň

(Dechová hudba Český ráj Všeň)

KC Strelnice (Cultural Centre Strelnice)

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The exact founding of the brass band is not preserved, the first known bandleader was Josef Vocásek from Kacanovy. After his death, tha baton was taken up by the band member Karel Egr from Mladostov.

Since 1952 the band was performing in Osvětová beseda Vyskeř. The bandleader Karel Egr led the group for 40 years. His successor was František Adamec from Vyskeř. The former bandleaders also taught their disciples. Sin 1976 the baton was held by Josef Adam from Kacanovy, who directed the orchestra untill his sudden departure to the music heaven in October 1984.

For several months the band was lead by the trumpeter Miroslav Kozák. The current conductor Jaroslav Raulin has been the leader since 1985.
Markéta Bismilerová and Václav Brož improve the band by their voices.

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