Majáles 2018 with an allegorical procession

On Wednesday, May 16, we invite not only young people, but the whole public to Turnov's Majáles, who will launch a student allegorical procession with a city in disguises reminding us of the era of our country.

The procession will begin its journey at 15 hours from the Terminal of the train and bus station and after several stops (for example, at the Bohemian Paradise Square) it will result in a summer cinema, where from 16:00 until night the music, theatrical and dance performances will be pupils, professional.

In two scenes, the theater ensembles of the pupils Kamos dramatos, Rendez-Vous, Drama Lama. Christopher and Eliška will perform the "chlapajda" and among the musical numbers will be the performance of the band "VSK", "The Peanuts" (GYTU), "Nika duo" (GYTU) and professional bands Anarchia and Capture or Kill.

The whole Majales will carry the theme of freedom and non-freedom for the existence of the republic. That is why a meeting with former disciple František "Čuňasem" Stárk will also be part of the program, as well as an exhibition of photographs from non-free times, which also goes to schools.

"The target group is youth, but the event is open to all generations and to all families. We are all encouraged to join the procession. The theme of the parade is "Freedom and Disobedience for 100 Years of the Republic", the password then "Come to the parade to get it back." Everyone can interpret what they should not return - totalitarian regimes and their absurdities, oppression and injustice, ... It is also necessary to draw attention to the wrongs that are going on today, and this will be part of the parade. Its participants may have their present and historical views written on transparencies that can not be vulgar or offensive, rather they are factual and descriptive. The procession will represent the 100th year of the Republic, the participants would ideally have to come dressed from some time of this time, "one of the organizers Bára Havlátová explains and invites to Majáles.

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