Dancing ball season hits the full throttle in January

January Fridays will be almost without exception dominated by dancing balls, and therefore other cultural events will be held back for a while. Even so, there will be an intersting concert as well as an opening of an exhibition of paintings. Kino Sféra, however, would not relent even in the ball season. There are several highly anticipated premieres on program, including movies with Oscar ambitions.

If you want to be tempted onto the dance floor, wait for Saturday, January 17th when Volej-basket bál takes place, or for the last January Friday when the Municipal Ball takes place. The first one offers a more relaxed atmosphere, the other one an entertainment on a very high level. Nice atmosphere, good drinks and high quality dancing music on both dancing balls are worth of getting nicely dressed and go out into society.

An exhibition and a concert

On  Sunday, January 11 at 6PM, opening of an exhibition of paintings by Ivan Podobský will take place. If you are more into a musical experience, we can offer concert by Trifoglio on Thursday, January 22 at the Municipal theatre. A brass band Trifoglio plays in a classical composition of oboe, clarinet and bassoon, so that the members have an opportunity to draw from a large amout of songs in the original cast. Czech composers such as F. X. Dušek, F. V. Kramář or B. Martinů and K. Slavický are their primary focus, followed by classical pieces by Mozart and Beethoven. They also like transcriptions of modern and popular music. Thanks to that, you can hear Trifoglio play 20s century music, E. Schulhoff or H. Tomasi.

Movie premieres in January

Kino Sphere is relentless, and is about to offer many movie premieres worth seeing. Do you have a taste for drama, an autobiography from the fashion world or highly anticipated attempt on Oscar award by Benedict Cumberbatch? You can find all that in our January program.

The very first week introduces a novelty drama Waste. A visually mesmerizing spectacle in Rio will delight even the most demanding viewer. You can look forward to a continuation of the action crime story Taken on Thursday, January 15. „This is Liam Neeson`s last return to the role that made him an action hero. The movie concludes the trilogy about an ex-CIA agent,“ descibes Adam Švancar, the Kino Sféra`s dramaturgist.

The second half of January brings a long expected action drama Black Hat starring Chris Hemsworth. „Director Michael Mann returns to his most famous and successful genre – thriller taking place in 21st century,“ says the dramaturgist.
The end of the month introduces a drama filled with Oscar ambitions, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. „The Imitation game is a true story film of a war hero and a mathematical genious, seen through an optics of a scandal around this person,“ explains Švancar.

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