Allow us invite you to a February Dida Pelled concert or midnight premiere of the film Fifty Shades of Grey

Our February culture program offers several interesting concerts of various genres. In the beginning of the month, songs of Hradišťan band can be heard. In the middle of February will belong to an Izraeli singer Dida Pelled. Kino Sféra also has its special input consisting mainly of the midnight premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey and Horror Night introducing Alien in Director`s cut.

Wide spread of February concert offer

Hradišťan is a unique band with high artistic and interpretative levels, unusually wide-ranging genre and untraditional repertior. It`s strong source of inspiration comes from traditions, mainly in the beginnings. Their concert begins on February 5th at 8PM in Kulturní centrum Střelnice.

For harder music lovers there is a concert of a regional rock band Zabeat! on the menu, starting the next day at 8PM in Restaurant Střelnice. Somewhat more traditional big beat can be heard on Wednesday February 11th in Městské divadlo, played by The Beatles Veteran Club, a revival band of the famous Liverpool band.

The most exotic February guest of Střelnice in February will be Dida Pelled, an Israeli singer and guitarist moving between jazz and blues. She can literally enchant her lesteners with her instrumental guitar music and soft voice.

Sfera Cinema in an intimate atmosphere, but also hearing you scream

February in Sfera Cinema is going to be filled with film premieres. Our viewers will be of the first ones to see the Fifty Shades of Grey, because there is a midnight premiere prepared, including a very specific atmosphere of these events. Mister Grey will see you on Thursday, February 12th, one minute after midnight. For that reason, arrive on Wednesday night and enjoy a nice drink and the atmosphere.
Another specialty will be the Horror Night, this time introducing the classical sci-fi Alien in Director`s Cut. We would love to hear you scream in Sfera Cinema on Friday, February 20th at 10PM.

Besides these two special projections, there will also be the premiere of epic sci-fi by Wachowski siblings called Jupiter Ascending, starring Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum. The Unbreakable is another premiere and also a directing debut by Angelina Jolie, telling a story of a famous sportsman who became a prisoner of war.

Whoever does not believe that Colin Firth could become a supersecret agent in James Bond style should definitely come and see Kingsman: The Secret Service. In second half of February also the story of one of the biggest art cons in history called Big Eyes takes place. In the end of the month comes drama Theory of Everything describing difficult life of Stephen Hawking and his devoted wife.

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