Čeněk Pavlík - a violin recital

(Čeněk Pavlík - houslový recitál)


Žádné představení není v programu.


in advance 100,-

on spot 120,-

He started to study violin play at the age of four in Branýds nad Labem. He worked under many great teachers including Josef Muzika, prof. Nora Grumlíková and others. In 1986 he founded Guarneri trio Prague with a piano player Ivan Klánský and a violocellist Marek Jerie. They perform until this day.

For his concert in Turnov he will be accompanied by a solo piano player Miroslav Sekera. Antonín Dvořák and Camilla Saint Saense will be on the program.

Purchased tickets can not be refunded nor exchanged. Ordered tickets are available to fetch at the box office no later than 15 minutes before the performance starts. Thank you for your understanding.

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