Brass Band Český ráj Všeň

KC Strelnice (Cultural Centre Strelnice)

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The soundtrack of a traditional Setkání s dechovkou will be taken care of by Dechová hudba Český ráj from Všeň in November.

The exact date of origin of the brass band is unknown, the first band-master was Josef Vocásek from Kacanovy. After he had deceased the band-member Karel Egr from Mladostov took his place. He lead the band for 40 years. He was followed by František Adamec from Vyskeř. Since 1976 the band-master was Josef Adam from Kacanovy, leading the band till 1984.

The current band-master Jaroslav Raulin has been leading it ever since. The band’s voice is made by Markéta Bismilerová and Václav Brož.

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