Black&White party

KC Strelnice (Cultural Centre Strelnice)

Žádné představení není v programu.



Action drinks, large-screen projection and B&W costumes.

Action drinks, large-screen projection, B&W costumes and entrance fee for half the price. That’s what Disco Střelnice on October 23rd looks like. Regular discos on Střelnice are getting a brand new look, will be themed and stylish to the end.

The October disco begins at 9PM and who arrives within the first hour, gets half the entrance fee - therefore he only pays 50 CZK. From 10PM the entrance fee is 100CZK but there is still a chance to get in only for 50CZK. You only have to save your ticket from any event held in Kulturní centrum Turnov, including a ticket to Kino Sféra. If the ticket is 2 weeks old or newer, you only have to show it at the entrance and pay 50CZK only!

Black&White outfit is welcome, the best one will be awarded at Midnight. Apart form stylish arranging of the scene and personnel in B&W, the atmosphere will be improved also by new technology and a large-screen screening.

All the news about Disco-Střelák can be found on our Facebook. Don’t forget to “LIKE” our page to get the news first. And perhaps some free tickets for the October Disco as well.

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