Beata Bocek: O TOBJE

Cafe KUS

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in advance 60,-

on spot 100,-

A song writer and signer Beata Bocek has just released her 4th studio album, vibrating with positive energy of new songs from the mysterious box of Mr. Klos - from szafa of Mr Klos.

We can call her music as world folk, art folk or new folk, it is never really correct. The roots can be felt in folklor from Moravia just as well the long, rich experience of a young woman with an open mind. She herself has travelled throughout India, New Zealand and other countries. Everything is connected by an unbelievable modesty of the author that can be heard in the content of her songs.

The KUS café will be one of the places her new album O TOBJE will be celebrated. She will be accompanied by a swedish multiinstrumentalist Christoffer Strandh.

Purchased tickets can not be refunded nor exchanged. Ordered tickets are available to fetch at the box office no later than 15 minutes before the performance starts. Thank you for your understanding.

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