Básníci ticha 2014 (Poets of the Silence 2014)

Letní kino

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The third annual music festival Básníci ticha is going to host successful musicians of the most prestigious Slovak indie music publishing company Slnko Records! Do not miss this unique event - its' line-up has never been seen on a single stage. And who knows, if such an opportunuty ever arises in the future again?!

Look forward to the following bands:

Longital (Dlhé diely until 2006)
Longital is a duo that consists of Daniel Salontay and Shina, musical globetrotters from a hill above the river Dunaj - the hill was originally called Longital. Their cosmopolitan name corresponds with the music of this artist/life couple. The most "exported" Slovak band has already played in twelve European countries, in the USA and Canada.

Walter Schnitzelsson
A young band originated as a duo - a guitar and drums. In this configuration, the boys played their concerts at the Grape Festival and Zatancuj Tour 2 with the band Para. Then they have introduced a new member Jakub. Since September 2011, the band has been a trio consisting of Josef Rezník (guitar, vocals), Jakub Joštiak (bass) and Miroslav Michale (drums).

Zlokot (Bratislava)
This Slovak band is an all-star project that introduces, amongst others, rapper Lyrik (Modré hory), Stanka from Got Blue Balls, and the remaining members of Noisecut, who have tragically lost Beta Majernikova, their singer. At the beginning of March 2013, Zlokot has published their debut album with Slnko Records. The album is called Slovakische Idiot, and it cleverly blends rock, electronic music and hip hop. The album was promoted by a dynamic music video The Cure.

Tu v dome
The band Tu v dome focuses on playing Antipop (no whining about love) in an unusual acoustic instrumentation. Their themes are far from the world of love, on the contrary, their questions about mortality are often answered with poems of Kraska, Seifert or Morgenstern, set to music.

The band was formed in September 1999 in Košice. It was founded by Peťo Lorko (guitar) and Rasťo Rusnák (vocals). The art of Kolowrat has earned names like "guitar melancholics" or "spokesmen of urban poetry", which roughly reflects the mood and directions contained therein. The band debuted in 2006 with the album Vrany sa vracajú. With their second album Slnko je vo veži they have gained 3 nominations in the annual FM Radio Head Awards.

Tickets in advance from 1st July 2014

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