Antonín Dvořák - Te Deum

KC Strelnice (Cultural Centre Strelnice)

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in advance 100,-

on spot 120,-

PSAD & Podkrkonošský symfonický orchestr.

The highlight of the anniversary season will be a unique performance of the famous song Te Deum laudamus  by Antonín Dvořák – We praise you God. This song was last performed 11 years ago in Turnov, for the 100th anniversary of Antonín Dvořák's decease. The newest interpretation shall keep the author's favourite connection of professional and amateur musicians.

PSAD from Turnov has invited Podkrkonošský symfonický orchestr, sbor Janáček z Jablonce nad Nisou and some excellent soloists and we hope, that they will be the pleasant surprise and a guarantee of an unorthodox experience of the evening. The evening will be conducted by Graziano Sanvito.

Te Deum was written in 1892 for the 400th anniversary of the Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. The song was ordered by the director of New York conservatory Jeanette Thurber in 1891 when it was known Dvořák was to replace her in her position the following year. It was first performed in New York on October 21st. Te Deum is not as monumental as Requiem or Strabat Mater, but it is significant for the meditative story told by simple instruments. It's genious is underlined by the nobility and perfection of the strong Czech legacy of the latin text.

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