African Project

(African Project)

KC Strelnice (Cultural Centre Strelnice)

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A connection of traditional and modern music from Africa and Europe.

The music of the trio Moussa Cissokho – Jan Galega Brönimann – Omri Hason is a memory to the art of storytelling. The trio creates the right musical tension by mixing traditional and modern music from all over the Europe, Afrika and the Middle East. The shivering sounds of Kora, also called „the African harph“, are accompanied by the warm tone of basklarinet and the oriental percussons. Enjoy beautiful, soft and wavery afrosongs.

Moussa Cissokho comes from Senegal and is an extraordinally talented kora player, singer and composer. He was born and grew up in a traditional griotan family. Now he lives in Austria and composes together with various musicians from Africa and Europe.
Jan Galega Brönnimann is Swiss, but was born in Kamerun in Western Africa. He is known to be an innovative player, but he is most famous as a frontman of his electrojazz band Brink Man Ship.
Omri Hason was born and grew up in Israel. He started drumming when he was ten, firstly on a classical drumming set, later he moved to percussions and oriental drumms: zarb, darbuka and frame-drum. He grew up in a rich and inspiring multicultural environment that understood his passion. He was later infulenced by a rytmical Indian language and he has also absolved a tour with iranian drummer Djamchid Chemirani. Since 1986 he has been living in Switzerland, recording and playing with multiple jazz and world music sets. Omri has founded the bands Kedem Ensemble and Modus Kvartety, both specific by combinig multible music cultures.

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