Kulturní centrum Turnov, s.r.o.

Kulturní centrum Turnov, s.r.o. (Cultural Centre Turnov) is cultural organization operating in Turnov area. Its' purpose is to organize and host cultural and social events. It also offers its’ space for rent for holding dancing balls, trainings, seminars, presentations, gala receptions, corporate parties and other social events. Kulturni centrum Turnov provides production activities of various events including their technical support and organizing service.

Kulturní centrum Turnov, s.r.o. is Limited company, its’ sole shareholder is the city Turnov. The company management is represented by Annual general meeting, which consists of members of the City Council of Turnov. Kulturní centrum Turnov, s.r.o. technically and dramaturgicaly manages the building KC Strelnice (address Markova 311, Turnov 511 01), which includes a large hall suitable for various social events, dance mirror studio used mostly for dancing and other motion lessons, two clubhouses for trainings and a cinema called Sfera (Sphere). It also manages the Municipal Theatre ( address Travnice 670, Turnov 511 01) and the open-air theatre/cinema (address Skalova 1590, Turnov 511 01).

ID: 259 58 941, VAT: CZ 259 58 941.

Contact us: +420 481 322 083, kct@kcturnov.cz

Kulturní centrum Turnov, s.r.o. does not only provide Czech events, there are many English-friendly concerts, theatricals or films. 

63rd annual music festival Dvořák Turnov and Sychrov

The Dvořák Turnov and Sychrov Music Festival is a traditional cultural event with more than 60 years of tradition, which builds on Antonín Dvořák's strong relationship to the area of ​​Turnov and its surroundings.

This year's festival will feature seven concerts in several cities of the Liberec Region, which is its long-term partner. Last year, the partner cities Železný Brod and Český Dub joined the festival, where not only chamber ensembles, but also soloists of the National Theater will present their recitals this year.

The highlight of this year's edition will be the recital recital by Gabrielle Beňacková and Jakub Pustina, which organizes the town of Turnov in cooperation with the festival. Concerts take place in attractive locations, whether Sychrov Chateau or Lomnice nad Popelkou Chateau, where an accompanying program will be prepared.
An integral part is also an Interpretation Music Workshop where up to four dozen trainees improve under the guidance of renowned lecturers from leading Czech artists. Courses are international in nature, as young representatives of German partner cities also participate.


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Majáles 2018 with an allegorical procession

On Wednesday, May 16, we invite not only young people, but the whole public to Turnov's Majáles, who will launch a student allegorical procession with a city in disguises reminding us of the era of our country.

The procession will begin its journey at 15 hours from the Terminal of the train and bus station and after several stops (for example, at the Bohemian Paradise Square) it will result in a summer cinema, where from 16:00 until night the music, theatrical and dance performances will be pupils, professional.

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Masquerade Ball for Adults

For dancing and listening, M.T.O. Universal Praha

The ball season is the annual culmination of the cultural year. Ball period is a show not only of the beautiful clothes and jewels that make every woman lady, but also elegant suits and perfectly polished cufflinks. This year's ball season at Střelnice will offer the opportunity to come to the ball as you would not have imagined, a Masquerade Ball!

The history of the balls dates back to the 15th and 16th centuries and the first balls are the events of the Spanish and French royal courts. The balls at that time had a clear order, and the dance was something much more demanding and sophisticated than what dance is to be seen today.

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November offers you a special suit up screening and interesting concerts

James Bond is the main topic of two upcoming events. You can see the new movie Spectre in the cinema in Turnov and also enjoy a special suit up screening with welcome drink dressed up as a true gentleman or a lady this Friday. If you enjoy not only the cinema, but also a great party, then we prepare exactly for you the Bond Disco in Střelnice on Friday 20th November.

Several concerts are planned for different music fans. First one is quite interesting and definitely not mainstream.

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We are inviting you to Bratři Ebenové concert and Avengers: Age of Ultron midnight premiere

Fans of interesting and untraditional music and movie lovers, they all will be interested in our April offer. In the beginning of the month, Tara Fuki, the violoncello duo is going to have their concert in Kulturní centrum Střelnice. They will be followed by songwriter René Souček and finally by Bratři Ebeni concert on April 28th.

Kino Sféra`s offer is just as interesting. Film fans can expect two blockbusters. The first of them is the new Fast and Furious film, followed by costumed premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Apart from that we there will be an entire week focusing on Oscar awarded films.

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Allow us invite you to a February Dida Pelled concert or midnight premiere of the film Fifty Shades of Grey

Our February culture program offers several interesting concerts of various genres. In the beginning of the month, songs of Hradišťan band can be heard. In the middle of February will belong to an Izraeli singer Dida Pelled. Kino Sféra also has its special input consisting mainly of the midnight premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey and Horror Night introducing Alien in Director`s cut.

Wide spread of February concert offer

Hradišťan is a unique band with high artistic and interpretative levels, unusually wide-ranging genre and untraditional repertior. It`s strong source of inspiration comes from traditions, mainly in the beginnings. 

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Dancing ball season hits the full throttle in January

January Fridays will be almost without exception dominated by dancing balls, and therefore other cultural events will be held back for a while. Even so, there will be an intersting concert as well as an opening of an exhibition of paintings. Kino Sféra, however, would not relent even in the ball season. There are several highly anticipated premieres on program, including movies with Oscar ambitions.
If you want to be tempted onto the dance floor, wait for Saturday, January 17th when Volej-basket bál takes place, or for the last January Friday when the Municipal Ball takes place.

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